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“Chopin held strong opinions about the performance of his music and the directions he left in his manuscripts are so specific that it’s astonishing how far modern performance has departed from his stated intentions. Most pianists over-dramatise his music, playing it too loudly and too fast, with scant attention to phrasing and dynamics, and with inappropriate pedalling. Inaccuracies have crept into some of the more readily available printed editions. Chopin experts have long sought to remedy the situation and to recapture an authentic style of playing – among them Angela Lear. Her Chopin alongside other performances, even by some of the most respected pianists, is a revelation. Hear what Chopin really intended.”

- BBC Music Magazine

“Angela Lear’s Chopin recitals were altogether exceptional for perfect interpretation and maximum faithfulness to Chopin’s intentions. They will stay forever in the memory. Chopin’s music is not just music to delight or charm the ear – but more than that, to enter into the spirit and touch the soul of the listener. It is poetry which expresses itself in sound as the poet expresses in words.”

- Le Matin

“.. A symphonic spaciousness and cohesion very few pianists achieve. Outstandingly played and deeply considered characterful performances.”

- Classic CD Magazine

“For some years now Angela Lear’s Chopin playing has been winning golden opinions, recreating as faithfully as possible the composer’s intentions. She has a fine sense of pace and style – and this is allied to an instinctive feel for the beautiful phrasing, results in performances of stature and expressivity. Just try resisting the Op.48 No.1 Nocturne, exquisitely shaped, then revel in the sheer lyric line pursued in the Barcarolle. The Fantaisie, Op.49, is a polished jewel and the Op.44 Polonaise for once emerges without an element of posturing or exaggeration.”

- Classical Express

“An exceptional perception and eloquence .. a beautifully liquid flow. Angela Lear’s reading of Chopin is of rare jewel-like precision. An outstandingly well integrated performance.”

- The Guardian

“Angela Lear’s Chopin Sonata, Op.35, displayed an awesome dexterity.. equally an exquisitely poised account of his Barcarolle. Her phrasing and command of colour earned special bouquets. The Op.22 Grande Polonaise Brillante was an exhilarating endorsement of its title.”

- The Standard

“Angela Lear’s perfect rhythmic regularity produces the basis for the structural development of Chopin’s works.. her interpretation of Chopin, in its perfection, is close to the reference version of Michelangeli.”

- Repertoire (France)

“..thoughtful, sensitive and full of detail, Angela Lear’s Chopin brings to mind the scrupulous sensitivity of Claudio Arrau.”

- Classical Music Magazine

“Angela Lear enshrines all that is best in Chopin playing.”

- BBC Music Magazine

“Angela Lear brings a personal commitment second-to-none to share the beauty of Chopin’s music with the public. Poetry and technique are combined to produce results which remain forever in the memory.”

- Adam Harasowski